Dr. John Hare v. Dr. Michael Ruse:
“What Would Jesus Do? What Would Darwin Do? A Dialogue Concerning Radical Social Injustice”

(Presentations & Conversation between Christian and Atheist Philosophers)
February 1st from 2:30-4:30pm at Loeb Playhouse

Can we have robust ethics without God? When it comes to seemingly black and white issues like human slavery and sex trafficking it may seem obvious what to do about them, but then again maybe not. While there is broad agreement in terms of people’s moral beliefs or sentiments about such issues, the really interesting question is why? Why should we care to combat apparent social injustice? When a wolf spots an injured rabbit in the wilderness it doesn’t provide a Band-Aid and a get well card so why should we be any different? Drs. John Hare and Michael Ruse will present from their respective viewpoints of theism and atheism, followed by a rigorous conversation. The discussion for this debate/dialogue will center on the questions of which worldview best explains, accounts for, or otherwise underwrites common moral intuitions regarding human dignity and our sense of compassion, as well as which provides the intellectual resources and reinforces motivation toward social activism relative to social justice issues like our topic on sex slavery and trafficking? Is it the Christ compassion narrative a la Hare or the Jungle cooperative narrative a la Ruse? *To watch the YouTube version of last year’s debate (or see info on the book) go to the BOOK page of this website.

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